iOS Maps Atrocities? Nah, These Are Works Of Art

We’re all familiar with the, uh, pitfalls of Apple’s iOS Maps app. Peder Norrby, however, the founder of a Stockholm-based tech company called Trapcode, has managed to capture some of the most bizarre 3D mapping glitches in high definition — turning them into lovely, surreal vignettes.

Norrby’s project is called Mapglitch, and it’s exactly what it sounds like: a series of high-def screen grabs from instances where the map has incorrectly laid 2D aerial imagery onto the 3D map. We got in touch with Norrby to find out what spurred the project, and apparently, it grew out of a Maps-surfing habit. “Ironically, I recently focused on the Mapglitch project because just sitting with iOS Maps looking around relaxes me,” he said over email. “And now it got all this attention!”

Norrby is updating his Flickr page with new glitches as he finds them, so keep an eye on that for future images. And for now, enjoy the following finds — from Houses Throwing Up Trees in Barcelona to Hungry Plane Wants to Eat Terminal at JFK — below.