How Big Would An IPhone Be If You Combined All The iPhones Ever Sold

How Big Would An IPhone Be If You Combined All The iPhones Ever Sold

Very, very big. Like way bigger than the new World Trade centre big. Like almost double the world’s tallest tower big. If you combined all the iPhones ever sold into a single gigantic monolith of a phone, it’d be 5,059 feet tall and 2,846 feet across. Ridiculous!

In Animal’s very silly series Stupid Calculations, Josh Orter figured out the size of a ginormous iPhone by doing simple maths with a lot of numbers. It’s delicious arithmetic, to be honest. Here’s a tasty sampling:

305,160,600 older models x 5.65 square inches = 1,724,157,390² inches
51,131,400 iPhone 5’s x 6.83 square inches = 349,227,462² inches
TOTAL 2,073,384,852 square inches (14,398,506 sq ft or 330.54 acres or 0.516 square miles)

That was the calculations to figure out the area of the beastphone but to calculate the dimensions, he needed to jump through more hoops. Comparatively speaking, the giant iPhone would be wider than Central Park (867.4m vs 804.67m) and its surface area would dwarf the new World Trade centre (1,337,647m² acres vs 93,077m²).

Hell, if you wanted to pave a standard highway with all the iPhones ever sold, you could do so for 365 straight kilometres. Read the rest of the fascinatingly (but admittedly useless) report at Animal. I like the silly. [Animal]