Highly Visual 2.0: A Mobile Reader For The Visually Minded

Highly Visual 2.0: A Mobile Reader For The Visually Minded

Especially with the upcoming demise of Google Reader, RSS alternatives abound. But how do you pick the one that’s right for you from all the riff raff? Well, if you’re someone who’s feed tends to stick to the more image oriented, Highly Visual 2.0 may be exactly what you’re looking for — at least in a mobile reader.

What Does It Do?

Lets you browse your feed with a heavy focus on the images. Or rather — the entire focus is on the images. Zip through the articles in your feeds’ by browsing rows of pictures alone. You can choose for Highly Visual to auto-populate a topic on its own, or you can create your a customised feed all your own. Click on the image to see the full post, and share the article on a variety of social media should the feeling strike.

Why Do We Like It?

With so many new readers coming out, they’re all starting to look more or less the same. Highly Visual, though separates itself from the pack with a major focus on images. This is perfect for someone heavy into photography or wants to add some Pinterest appeal(?) to their RSS. Of course, if you use readers to, you know, read articles, this probably isn’t going to be fore you.

But as a mobile app, it could still be a nice way to swipe through and get a very quick, if not entirely thorough view of what’s going on in the world. Highly Visual has been around for a bit, sure but Version 2 has seen the grid rebuilt from the ground up, giving you a fun, beautiful, and slightly different break from your normal news consumption.

Highly Visual 2.0

Download this app for: iOS ($2.99)
The best part: beautiful, easy-to-browse layout
The worst part: would benefit from making things as read/unread