Here’s What The PS4 Looks Like In Person

Is it possible to be striking and understated at the same time? The PS4 might be just that. Though the early jokes had pointed it as just being an italicised Xbox One, the sharp angles of the rhombus add a lot more character in real life than they do in pictures.

Also, the hollowed-out middle divide make the console seem smaller than it actually is. Like the opposite of having love handles.

The controller is much more comfortable than previous DualShocks. It’s gained much-needed weight, in particular. Previous DualShocks were anorexic excuses for a controller that didn’t enjoy being held, while the PS4 controller has gained curves in all the right places. The lips on the triggers are enjoyable as well. Everything else is the same, for better or worse.

One thing: Every PS4 console shown at E3 seemed to be standing upright, however Sony used different stands to keep it up. One was a traditional base, the other was a triangular vertical crutch support. Most PS4s will probably be put flat, which will (probably) hide the system’s good looks. Oh well.