Here's The Most Obnoxious Marketing Gimmick Known To Man

It's strange how marketing noises and product jingles can get in your head. All I need to do is say the words "Down, Down", and there's a fair bet you're thinking of Status Quo whoring out to Coles. The "Intel Inside" tone is also an iconic noise, and like most marketing jingles it's best used sparingly. Unfortunately, this dumb marketing trick means that you'll hear the noise every time you open a goddamn product box.

This is the product packaging for Intel's Next Unit of Computing Kit DC3217IYE. If you've bought it, you don't really need to be marketed to anymore. Except you will be because Intel says so.

Every time you open the box, you hear the Intel tone. It's funny at first, then it gets tedious. Fast.

Here's a Vine of the noise so you can see just how obnoxious it gets. Tell us in the comments how many times you loop it before you want to headdesk.

DUN-DUN-DUNG-DUNNN! [Leslie Nassar]

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