Here's The Craziest Video You'll Watch All Day

If you were an alien coming to this planet for the first time and watched only this video to give you an illustration of what humanity is like, you'd think that we're all a bunch of flying lunatics for which gravity is completely optional. Get in here and watch this awesome compilation of crazy stuff people are doing and uploading to YouTube.

From backflipping anything and everything right through to cliff diving on a snowmobile. From crazy animals to beautiful slow-motion shots: this video has it all.


    0:30 = Mind. BLOWN!

      yep, i was too so had to look it up. dissapointing result. fake.

        Yup, the kitten at 3:35 was, shame shame... stfu and enjoy :)~

        Wait - you saw a clip of giraffes doing synchronised backward 2.5 somersaults from a diving board into an Olympic pool, and you were disappointed because it was 'only' a brilliant bit of CGI? You seriously expected to find somebody had trained giraffes to actually do that?

          considering that its the only bit of fakery [that i noticed] in an entire video of real stuff. yea i was dissapointed.

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          Well look at the name tag being used, if I'm not mistaken that's an Apple reference.... reeks of gullible.

    Nice find - my initial reaction to about 80% of them was "wait, wtf just happened?!"

    Bikini girl is at 2:18. Your welcome.

      What about my welcome?

        Fail. You're*

          Unless of course he gave him welcome to enjoy his discovered time period in the video, therefore "Your" clarifies ownership to his welcoming. Yupp that's right, I some how made your correction a mistake.

          P.S. The assumption of everyone on the internet are guys, which is quite obvious.

          Please leave hatred in replies.
          (Makes lonely guys feel like people give a single fuck about what they say :)!)

          Last edited 29/07/13 1:55 pm

      Fireman cumming hard 2:20.

      the fireman shot his load right after that :p

    I guess if i was an alien watching this i'd suspect it was made by men (cue the bikini girl).

    All this made me realise is I don't use my GoPro for nearly enough cool stuff.

    Basketball, trampoline kids reaction was hilarious. I bet he ran to the camera to see if he got it all.

      I know right!

      Got mine in may and have only used it for paintball... Which while being awesome, I had the res too high and the frame rate too low :{

        I use mine for diving. Which it is awesome for but I need to do more cool stuff. lol

    Honestly Im really disappointed... Music had to be muted. Clips were way too short. 25% was filler. Its a rip off of the people are awesome videos and not quite as good. Why do these type of edits always have some crappy trance song or worse yet that damn Paralyzer song

      Wrong... Get over yourself and open your mind to different types of music. Yes, it is music.

      Very few songs could have replaced that Nervo tune and made that video as cool as it is...

    ok guys, heres the video that should have been posted. hint: [bikini girl]

      Awesome... but it did make me wonder how many times each lovely went over the falls before they got each shot.

    if this was how I was to judge the people on this planet, I would think......" your all nuts"

    Video not available from France :/
    Either "Fullscreen 2" or EMI is blocking a compilation because it contains a few seconds of their property: well, now I cannot even now what I'm missing ! Is this a good way of showing me what their work is for ???

    Yo!! Awesome Vid and sick tune?!! Someone tell me what track this is please?!!

      Hold On by Nervo

        Vicetone RMX :)

      Nervo - hold on (Vicetone remix)

    Of course they just want to hold on. I do believe the vast majority of them would be in a spot of bother otherwise.

    sad that a wing walker died last week (jane wicker). it takes balls to do what some of these people do and this video really is amazing

    yep. the gratuitous bits spoilt it slightly - backside bongos, really?

    Awesome, my´╗┐ clam is at 3:59, nice. Full clip

    Any way of getting an email link ?
    I guess I'm just being a bit thick here !

    Heres a video of me swimming with the only sea swimming elephant in the world!

    your welcome, from America

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    That was a sick ass video, way to play the VICETONE remix of hold on by Nervo. It definitely complimented the video really well. Well done, shout out to Vicetone.

    got lots of adrenalin now !

    why was their any need of disecting this video? [email protected]$# are you all in Graduate school at the VCU? Let your brain take a rest and just enjoy and stop with the negatives

    Always wondered what mounts they use for the POV action shots without it falling off or overly shaky.

    Get a life you guys, of course its not real!! But its a bloody well put together piece of fake :0)

    Am I the only one who thinks this was racist? Did anyone notice the black guy spinning on the treadmill juxtaposed with the gorilla/ape spinning in some grass. I C WHAT U DID THAR

    3:41???? Why are men's action films always juxtaposed with completely objectified females? Time to evolve.

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