Here's Microsoft Saying Something Dumb About Xbox One DRM

What happens if you want to own the Xbox One but don't have an internet connection? Nothing: you don't buy an Xbox One. That's the official word from a Microsoft rep at E3 this week. The facepalm continues.

(Watch this video quickly before Viacom make another copyright claim on it.)

For the uninitiated: the Xbox One doesn't need to be online all the time for the DRM to work, but it does need to check with Microsoft servers at least once per week to make sure everything stays as right as rain.

So what happens if you have no internet connection?

After the Xbox One press conference at E3, a Microsoft exec went on Spike TV (from the looks of things) and said that if people want a product that works offline, there's always the Xbox 360. Now that's how to get people into next-gen!

Oh dear indeed.

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