Glowing Lightsabre Sunglasses Perfect For Tatooine’s Two Bright Suns

A Jedi’s hooded cloak is a great way to keep the sun out of their eyes. But, on scorching hot days, especially on planets like Tatooine with two suns, it has to be unbearable under there. Until now, the only real solution was to build a moon-sized space station to simply blow up a glaring sun, but now there are these glowing lightsabre sunglasses as a cheaper alternative.

Available from Hot Topic — the world’s leader in questionably stylish Star Wars-themed apparel — for just $17, the glasses presumably feature a tiny replaceable battery allowing the shades to glow for hours on end. Jedis might not pursue fashion or care what people think of them, but there’s no reason they can’t look even more badass when strolling into a cantina in Mos Eisley.

[Hot Topic via Fashionably Geek]