Gigabyte’s Coolest New Gadget Is…A Lamp?

Gigabyte’s Coolest New Gadget Is…A Lamp?

We walked the first of many floors of Computex 2013 this morning, and stumbled upon Gigabyte’s coolest new gadget: a smart desk lamp, which makes an insane amount of sense. Trust me.

So how can a desk lamp be “smart”? It turns on, it provides light, it turns off. Gigabyte’s new lamp is actually a companion gadget for your Ultrabook.


In the base of the lamp, Gigabyte has cleverly concealed an optical disc drive, and in the rear of the base are two USB ports and an SD card reader.

Gigabyte says that it’s meant to sit on your desk as sort of a connectivity hub with the added convenience of a light. Because Ultrabooks are sacrificing so many ports and drives to save space, the smart lamp is a way to give them back to you in a space-saving way.

It’s a concept right now — which when you’re speaking to Gigabyte — means it’s real and we’ll get the price after Computex.