Everyone Who Records Videos On Their Phone Needs To Follow This Rule

I understand that when you take a picture or video with your phone, it makes a lot of sense to hold your phone upright. It's more comfortable! It's totally natural! Although Instagram has helped fix portrait mode pictures by squaring them off, we still haven't solved the portrait video problem. It's awful to watch videos like that. Everyone who does it is just a bunch of scrubs.

Turn Your Phone is a 'No Scrubs' parody by Chescaleigh that makes fun of folks who just blindly refuse to change. [Chescaleigh via Viral Viral Videos]


    I was talking to someone a few months ago who didn't know they could do this.

    It's simple, people are dumb.

    VVS PSA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bt9zSfinwFA

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      This video is way better! i post it on everyones VVS videos on facebok to help them get the point.

    I don't understand at all why "it makes a lot of sense to hold your phone upright". Every phone I have ever owned with a camera, back to the very early 2000's, has had the shutter button on the side, making holding it in landscape mode the most natural way to take a photo. I understand that lesser smartphones have given this practice up but landscape should still feel the most natural way to anyone over 20 years of age, surely?

    It's the maker's fault. The software and hardware should auto-compensate.

      ^ That.

      I would have thought with "smart" phones all the rage now (especially with dumb people who record in portrait) the phone would force you by default to record in landscape mode and expect you to go digging for an obscure option somewhere to turn this default off.

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