New iTunes Apps: Eater, Moment, Instafeed, And More

Need some new apps to satiate that iOS 7 lust? We got you covered.

Eater: When you're with a group of friends, trying to pick a place to eat is a frustrating, generally horrible experience. No one can make up their minds, and when someone finally does, you can almost guarantee that someone else is going to find a reason to shoot it down. Eater App for iOS and Android, though, plans to put that little problem to rest. [Free]

Moment Camera: At this point, the quality of your iPhone's camera has far surpassed Apple's dinky little stock app. And if you're ready to size up, the App Store runneth over with alternative camera apps — and don't even get me started on the filters. Moment Camera, however, gives you the experience your camera deserves. [$1]

Double Music Player: Most people have pretty terrible taste in music — it's a fact. But you, you're different. So what are you supposed to do when you happen to forget your headphones, and the only ones nearby are in use by one of the aforementioned good-taste-challenged? Why, bust out Double Music Player, of course. The app takes the music from your music library and lets you pick two different songs for either headphone. You can even adjust the volume for either one. A simple trick, sure, but a highlyconvenient one, too. [Free]

Instafeed: For anyone whose guilty pleasure include following various celebrities, artists, brands, enthusiasts, etc. on Instagram, you've also probably gotten annoyed at the fact that your feed has become on daunting, cluttered, and haphazardly arranged list. You can make lists for essentially everything else in your life, it makes sense that you should be able to do the same thing with Instagram. Where Instagram fails, though, Instafeed steps in. Create and flip through as many custom Instagram lists you want without having to actually follow them on your main account. If you're looking for some new material, there's even pre-curated lists for you to browse through. You can finally leave your Instagram feed clean and full of people you actually know. [Free]

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