Cover Your Walls With This Wallpaper By Beastie Boy Mike D

Yesterday, the New York Times ran a tour of the amazing Brooklyn townhome Beastie Boy Mike D lives in with his family. The house is super cool, but most of the stuff inside is either one-of-a-kind or wildly expensive, by non-famous-person standards. Except for the amazing Brooklyn-themed wallpaper that Mike D designed for the MoMA Store. And guess what? You can buy it!

A 4.8 by 7.3-metre roll of Brooklyn Toile is $US200 ($US160 if you're a MoMA member). The wallpaper is a take off on toile, a type of figural wallpaper popular in France during the 19th century. Except instead of pastoral scenes of cows and peasants, Mike's version shows us icons of his home borough, like the Brooklyn Bridge. In the home tour, the red and white paper makes a cameo in the living room. Yes, you might be jealous of Mike D's house — but at least now, you can have a piece of it in your own place, too. [MoMA Store]

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