Can You Spot All 150 LEDs On This Replica Enterprise NX-01?

Enterprise, the last Star Trek series to be produced, was never held in high regard compared to the franchise's earlier outings. It had a great special effects budget though, so the show's titular starship was one of the best looking. While you'll never be able to own the real thing, you can get away with a 1:350 scale model equipped with not one, not two, but 150 LEDs.

The models, crafted by US workshop QMx, are not yet available for sale, however, you can put your name down on a pre-order notification list. Before you do, let's get the asking price out of the way.


According to an article on, the cost is justified by a number of factors — only 100 will be produced, each hand-made by six "artisans" over 115 hours. You can also expect a signature from the original designer, Doug Drexler.

There's the 150 LEDs, not to mention rotating Bussard collectors and sound effects. It's not a small thing, either, the dimensions coming in at 59.68 x 40.64 x 12.7cm (LWH). Add another 15cm to the height when it's mounted on its base.

Fibreglass, resin and acrylic make up the construction, built around a steel frame, so it won't survive a photon torpedo, but should stand the test of time and the odd bump.

It's certainly pretty, but part of me would love one made out of a lot more metal, though that's probably asking a bit much.

[Qmx, via]

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