Burj Kahlifa On Street View: The World's Tallest Building, Inside Out

The beauty of Google Street View is it can take you to places you might never otherwise see. Now it includes the crazy panoramic view from the top of Dubai's Burj Khalifa.

Of course, the first skyscraper to be mapped on Google Street View would be the tallest in the world. Even from your computer screen, the view is breathtakingly awesome. You can check things out the view from Burj Khalifa's highest occupied floor (level 163).

You can also look down on Dubai from the 124th floor observation deck or peer off a window-washing unit on the 80th floor.

Google even shows you what it's like to ride in one of Burj's 35km/h lifts — the fastest-moving lifts in the world. So while most of us might never get a chance to see the mega-tall building in the flesh, seeing it from Google Street View is the next best thing. [Google]

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