BMW Has A Go At Designing A PC, Here’s What It Looks Like

BMW Has A Go At Designing A PC, Here’s What It Looks Like

BMW’s DesignworksUSA doesn’t mind throwing the odd PC tower design together. It’s a thing it has done before with Thermaltake and has now done again, though this time it’s with motherboard manufacturer ASRock. So, what do you think?

The “M8”, as it’s called, certainly looks like a PC, but what’s hard to make out from pictures alone is that it’s a small-form factor box, rather than the midi tower profile most machines are packed into. In 2012, when ASRock and DesignworksUSA got together to design the case, the goal was to create a tower that was both compact and portable, yet still roomy enough to fit components capable of playing games — the idea being it would be a great choice for the regular LAN gamer.

According to BMW’s press release, the case supports both vertical and horizontal placements, and an integrated OLED display provides information on the system (temperatures, say) and allows one to tweak sound volume and fan speeds. Finally, the panels are secured magnetically, so you don’t have to stuff around with screws when you want to get inside.

The finished product will be officially launched at this year’s Computex, which starts on June 4 in Taipei, Taiwan.

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Images: DesignworksUSA