BMW Has A Go At Designing A PC, Here's What It Looks Like

BMW's DesignworksUSA doesn't mind throwing the odd PC tower design together. It's a thing it has done before with Thermaltake and has now done again, though this time it's with motherboard manufacturer ASRock. So, what do you think?

The "M8", as it's called, certainly looks like a PC, but what's hard to make out from pictures alone is that it's a small-form factor box, rather than the midi tower profile most machines are packed into. In 2012, when ASRock and DesignworksUSA got together to design the case, the goal was to create a tower that was both compact and portable, yet still roomy enough to fit components capable of playing games -- the idea being it would be a great choice for the regular LAN gamer.

According to BMW's press release, the case supports both vertical and horizontal placements, and an integrated OLED display provides information on the system (temperatures, say) and allows one to tweak sound volume and fan speeds. Finally, the panels are secured magnetically, so you don't have to stuff around with screws when you want to get inside.

The finished product will be officially launched at this year's Computex, which starts on June 4 in Taipei, Taiwan.

[BMW Group, via BMW Blog]

Images: DesignworksUSA



    It's just a pity developers and publishers don't have much care for LAN gamers.

    LAN support seems to be dying far quicker than it should. D=

      Yeah. I don't play multi - well, maybe 1% of my gaming is multi. I'd play more if I didn't have to deal with flaky net connections, or getting stuck with random knobs with names like xxx_l33t_bong_420_xxx.

      But, of course, LAN multi is evil! If you don't force people to play online, however will you...

      * Gather cold, hard metrics for the inevitable sequel, so you don't actually have to think about game design - instead, you just get a nice big checklist you can tick off?

      * Run in-game ads?

      * Force people to buy your DLC, by booting them from the server when they haven't the right map?

      * Or, better yet, shut down the online services and force everyone to buy the sequel?

      what makes you say that?

        SC2, DOTA2, LOL, all these popular games require internet to play. The predecessors of these games, such as SC, WC3, all supported LAN play, even allowing spawning (1 cd, multiple LAN party only installs). Nowadays every computer playing a game needs to have its own cd key and connected to the internet.

          If you can come up with a better way to stop piracy i would love to see it.
          I do remember to joys of going over to a mates house and playing SC till super late and then struggling in school the nest day.. but if i recall, my buddy just burnt me a copy of the game. So, i know where you are coming from, but, if i may ask, where are you lanning that doesn't have internet?

    Looks just like an old G4 Apple... Bleh.

    If OEM manufactures start using proper design houses for gear - Apple may finally have some competition

      Remember when Lacie made Porsche designed external HD enclosures? The enclosures looked okay, but that couldn't save the fact the innards would break constantly. God that thing failed in like, a month.

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