Bitcoin And Litecoin Now Accepted By Aussie Electronics Retailer Millennius

It remains to be seen whether Bitcoin will ever attract the widespread acceptance its proponents desire, but with retailers slowly adopting the crypto-currency as a legitimate form of payment, it is serving its purpose as currency for some parts of the online world. Now, a local retailer, Millennius, has added not only Bitcoin, but its smaller derivative Litecoin, as a valid way to purchase goods from its online store.

We've talked about the innards of Bitcoin previously, but put simply, it is an online currency managed by a peer-to-peer network, rather than a central authority. This network not only creates new coins (of which only a limited number can be produced), but maintains a history of every transaction and approves future transactions via a computationally complex proof-of-work system.

In Millennius' announcement, it states that it "believes it is the first online retailer globally to accept Litecoin payment through its site" and the first Australian retailer to accept Bitcoin. According to company founder Pierre Boutros, "Millennius is all about creating great products at great prices, and offering the best deal on brand name consumer electronics. The addition of Bitcoin and Litecoin as payment options can only help with our ability to offer great deals to wider customer base."

Boutros does not go into specifics about how opening its doors to the crypto-currencies will result in "great deals", but by receiving payments directly via Bitcoin and Litecoin and side-stepping the associated fees tied to credit cards payments, including chargebacks, fraud, etc., Millennius could pass the savings onto its customers.

To make Bitcoin payments, users can just select it as a payment option, right along side bank deposit or credit card. As for Litecoin, you'll need to place your order via a special email address.


Image: Zach Copley / Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons 2.0



    never even heard of this etailer

      well you have been missing on great deals. Ive had many things from them

    Bitcoin And Litecoin Now Accepted By Aussie Electronics Retailer Millennius...

    ....How long till the U.S. invades Australia ?....We all know what happens you you start to trade in currency other than the U.S. dollar XD

    Last edited 16/06/13 5:41 pm

    Wow their site sucks.

    Mobile phone drop down... EVERY PHONE OS IS ANDROID OS.

    would someone please tell just what the fuck this bitcoin stuff is as im seeing mentioned everywhere yet have noidea what it is, and wikipedia just keeps sending me in loop

    Millennius are not even close to the first online retailer in Australia to accept Bitcoin, let alone the world. Small time company trying (under false pretenses) to make a splash it seems

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