Barack Obama Singing Daft Punk's 'Get Lucky' Will Make You Smile

It's kind of a crappy Tuesday so far, but don't fret: Barack Obama is here to cheer you up with his awesome rendition of the Daft Punk chart-topper, Get Lucky.

There's something really special about hearing the leader of the free world recite the lyrics "we're up all night to get lucky", even if he's being hand-puppeted into it by the magic of technology.

Barackdubs on YouTube have a bunch of other great pop covers, too if you're keen on this one.


    That' awesome, film editors are worth their weight in gold....

    this is pretty good - he should use it for his next election campaign :)

      This is his second term isn't it?

        yeah but im sure he will re-write the law's about a 2 term limit :)

    How about Obummer singing Swing Low, Sweet Chariot from Roots, while he's getting the shit whipped out of him Luke ?

    Cop that Superman Black Jesus.

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