Aussie Charged With Riding A Rocket-Powered Skateboard

Of all the things to pick up a fine for from the cops, this one has to be up there as one of the best.

Queensland man, Eddie McDonald, has just been fined $154 for belting down a residential street on his rocket-powered skateboard on Saturday to the sound of a cheering crowd.

According to the ABC, 24-year old Eddie had strapped legal rockets to his skateboard with the aid of duct tape before blasting off down the street achieving speeds of 60km/h.

The good news is that the fine hasn't turned Eddie off. He wants to do it again, this time with bigger rockets.

We don't condone breaking the law, but if you absolutely must do it, do it in style. With rockets. [ABC]

Skateboard image via Shutterstock


    so he would have been fine and dandy if he was wearing a helmet? (legally speaking)

      RTFA - ""There is funnily enough a ticket for using a rocket-propelled vehicle on a road and I suspect this might be the only ever ticket issued for that particular offence in Queensland," he said."

      Well you're not allowed to have an e-bike with more than 250 watts. I presume rocket boards would have similar limits.

        you are, you're just not allowed to get caught, my e-bike has a 2000 watt motor & does about 70kmh

    Where's the video of this amazing feat?

      This may shock you, but not all stunts like this happen to have a camera nearby.

    People should be allowed to take their own risks without interference from "the man". Bloody nanny state!

      But it was on a public road. What if he'd hit a pedestrian?

        Oh, won't somebody please think of the children!

        You win some you lose some. I'm sure if there was a cheering crowd then the road was probably clear for him. Doesn't sound like he was flying down some highway. Probably a quiet-ish street with ample room for error.

        I hate the "what if" argument. It's used to blanket everything anyone does ever in the history of the world, ever. What if your parachute doesn't open and you splatter onto someone? What if your side mirror falls off and wedges into a baby's face? What if your wheel comes off and plows an elderly couple over, exploding their innards everywhere upon impact?

        How far do you wanna go with the what ifs? You could "What if" anything into any situation. That's when we are forced to become couch potatoes, because someone creates a "what if" story. It stops us from being adventurous and innovative.

        A lot of people that try crazy stunts do so in a controlled environment. Just because police aren't there to barricade a road, doesn't make it some wilderness environment. Not everyone is stupid. Some people can calculate and eliminate risk of involving others.

        Without some risk we wouldn't have some sports and activities that we have today.

        What if your rope breaks man, rock climbing is so dangerous.
        Nek minut, wow your rope didn't break and you invented a new sport.

        What if you crash your car, you shouldn't race cars.
        Nek minut, Oh you won? Wow.

        Now if someone does something purposefully dangerous, like weaving in and out of traffic, or motorbiking on a busy footpath, then ok, get them out of there. But not for something pretty tame like using a vehicle on a road lol. He's accepted risk to himself, let him go for it. Legend I say.

        Last edited 13/06/13 6:12 pm

      He may have got up to 60k/h, cars do this on our roads all the time and they are a lot harder and bigger than a bloke on a skateboard. Anyway, if you want to be on a public space then you must accept responsibility for your being there, as well as for your children being there. Bloody nanny state.

    lucky it didn't fly through the air like the Mythbusters torpedo

    And how many real crimes were committed whilst QLD's finest were wasting time on this rubbish?

      About eleventy. But it's good they caught this criminal red handed! Gosh, riding a skateboard on a road. And with rockets. The nerve of the bloke. Lemme at him! A true criminal. This is just that extra level above rapists and murderers.

      Last edited 13/06/13 6:14 pm

    Could have just gone down a hill and achieved the same speed... No rockets though, so not really as cool.

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