Apple Is Already Fixing Its Awful iOS 7 App Icons

Coming as a welcome reminder that iOS 7 is still very much in beta, subject to change, and everyone needs to take a few deep breaths, Apple's website is currently showing off a few much-needed updates to its less-than-lauded icon designs. The new set was first stumbled upon by 9to5Mac, who presumed that their sudden appearance on Apple's site was the result of an oversight.

But since iOS 7 is still technically in its developmental stages, it's more likely that we can take this as a sign that Apple has listened to the will of the people and is taking steps to correct their grievances. Meaning that there's a very good chance the finalised version of iOS 7 will look substantively from what those chosen few are currently clutching in their hands.

Most notably, the weather app looks like it will actually show the current temperature without having to actually open the app, a feature that was sorely missed in iOS 7's first incarnation. But most of the changes are much more superficial and limited to a few colour tweaks here and there — Reminders, Newsstand and Passbook being the only other ones showing some adjustments. But at least now we know that that doesn't mean it will be staying that way. [9to5Mac]


    Looking lovely! Hopefully they fix up some of the gradients, too. Loving the idea of the weather icon showing the weather. Wondering how that would affect data usage with constant updates though... Probably minute but still.

      Should get a WP8 for that live tile for weather -- HIYOOO!!!

      But seriously, iOS7 is beginning to kill what I dislike about iOS. Looks awesome.

      Doesn't seem to use too much data, I currently use Pocket Weather which has the option to set the current temperature as a badge on the app icon (updated via push notifications obviously), and it hardly uses any data. I assume the first-party app would work in the same way.

    Love the design, but the Reminders icon looks terrible!

    The alternative explanation being given is those icons are in fact old press material that was overlooked, and was sitting there since Monday. Those sites suggest they were replaced by the ones we saw on stage. Also nothing really suggests so far that we will see live temperatures...the current iOS icon has a static '23 degrees' on it currently. Based on that, some are suggesting the temperature has been removed to make it less misleading.

    We'll see eventually either way. Apple has already said none of those elements are necessarily final.

    Reduction of the amount of curve in the corners would make them a bit less twee,

    Newsstand is a disgrace

    The blurb is funny, it is basically saying that they have trained graphic artists working on it, because they are describing the most basic principles that even a student would apply to the most trivial work.

      Isn't the first thing you learn "you don't design to a grid, you design by eye"?

        The grids in this case would be more for consistency, rather than something you design within. You can see they haven't been applied ruthlessly here. But there are definitely things like the Rule of Thirds that you try to apply wherever it's appropriate, which shows as a grid in Photoshop's crop tool.

    It's funny so many people making a fuss over the icons where as If I was not happy with mine I can easily download some kind of custom icon pack and replace mine

    Android life.

    What's wrong with you people! Sir Jony designed it this way and you will like it.

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