An Itty-Bitty Card Reader That Doesn’t Care Which USB End Is Up

If you’re rocking a classic laptop that hails from the time before SD card readers were a standard feature, Buffalo has you covered with an incredibly petite flash card reader that promises to handle up to 45 different formats. Of coure, that’s taking into account the endless varieties of SD, miniSD and microSD cards on the market — sadly there’s no compact flash here for your DSLR pros.

But the BSCR16UD2 reader — available in black or white — has one other awesome trick up its sleeves that alone justifies its $13 price tag: a USB connector that works whether it’s upside down or not. So you’ll never again have to go through the process of trying to plug it in without success, flipping it over, and then realising you had it right the first time.

[Buffalo via Akihabara News]