This Star Trek-Inspired Watch Resembles A Space Station

Mobile phones have largely superseded watches from a practical standpoint, but when it comes to the raw beauty of the mechanical, the old wrist-mounted chronometer is unbeatable. I mean, one look at Vianney Halter's Deep Space Tourbillon (pictured here) and how can you not go weak at the legs?

While largely for aesthetic purposes these days, the tourbillion, which can be seen in the centre of the watch, was originally conceived in an attempt to improve accuracy by combating the effects of gravity. In designer Vianney Halter's case, it served as the perfect manifestation of the Deep Space Nine space station, from the Star Trek series of the same name. According to A Blog To Watch, Halter is a "science fiction junkie", with a particular fondness for Gene Roddenberry's franchise.

The resemblance isn't immediately apparent, but when you zoom in (right) it's easier to see.

The protective dome is made from sapphire crystal, while the case and most of the insides are titanium. As for the functioning of the tourbillion itself, I'll leave it to A Blog To Watch's Ariel Adams to explain:

The spinning tourbillon in the center is the first axis point. Next, the entire tourbillon shaft spins around on its axis, providing the second axis. This spins once each six minutes. Last, the entire mechanism spins horizontally in the middle of the case each 30 minutes offering the third axis point. While only the initial tourbillon cage spins with appreciable speed, the entire movement is technically a triple axis tourbillon.

It's all cool, yes, but how does one actually tell the time? Apparently the two differently-size blue hands reflect the minute and hour, but I'll be damned if I can work it out. Beside, I'm more than happy just to stare at the thing.

If you'd like to see it in motion, the clip below shall provide.

[A Blog To Watch]

Images: A Blog To Watch



    Ah tourbillion watches...for when you got a lot of cash and have run out of ideas about what to spend it on.

    "Mobile phones have largely superseded watches..."

    Umm ... no. Only techboys writing in tech blogs believe this to be the case. In the real world, where nearly everybody else lives, this is not the case. A walk down any city arcade in Melbourne or Sydney will show that watches, both cheap and expensive, are still something that people desire.

    Be that as it may, tourbillion watches are glorious pieces of mechanical art first, and practical timepieces second.

      Agreed. I especially hate it when they say phones have superseded watches "from a practical standpoint", as this article does. In no way is taking your phone out of your pocket and pressing a button to check the time any more practical than simply glancing at your wrist.

    I wish the Chinese would start making some cheap knock off's of these fancy watches, they are amazing but let's see, buy a REALLY nice new car or a watch for the same price?

      If you can afford one of these watches, chances are you already have a really nice car, or several.

    Watches are a good mechanism to currency trade without having to pay exchange rate commissions and tax !!! Buy a Rolex (or a few) here when dollar high, and then flog 'em in Singers or HK later ! Have to know which ones hold their value though !

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