All The Game Trailers From This Morning’s E3 Press Conferences

All The Game Trailers From This Morning’s E3 Press Conferences

This morning we were a little pre-occupied with the WWDC press conference to give the annual Electronics Entertainment Expo — a.k.a. E3 — the justice it deserved. Thankfully, Mark and Ben at Kotaku were nailing the live blogs from EA, Ubisoft and Microsoft. In case those aren’t your style, let’s check out all the awesome game trailers and previews we got for next generation consoles this morning. Game on!

Star Wars: Battlefront

The game you thought you’d never see, now ready to step on your face.

Mirror’s Edge

Everyone’s favourite first person free-running platformer is back!

Dark Souls II

More supernatural action than you can waggle an impossible sword at.

The Witcher 3

The incredible-looking end to the Witcher franchise, complete with secret message!


Giant freaking mech battles. Need we say more?

Max: The Curse Of Brotherhood

Cute action platformers are back!

Dead Rising 3

Here’s hoping this one is better than the last.

Sunset Overdrive

Blowing up monsters never looked so hysterically fun!

Ryse: Son Of Rome

It’s like 300, but good.

Final Fantasy XIII

We’ve already seen parts of the new Final Fantasy XIII from Square Enix, but here’s some gameplay footage!

Metal Gear Solid V

Sneaking around in Afghanistan, complete with horses.

Blacklight: Retribution

Originally a PC shooter, Blacklight: Retribution is all set to come to the PS4.