A Weather App That Suggests The Best Times To Do Things

If there are weather apps, calendar apps and to do list apps, there should be an app that spits out an optimal schedule for you to follow. What’s the point of jogging in the rain and then doing laundry when the sun comes out? Or maybe you like to run in the rain because it cools you off. Or you’re really pale and trying to avoid direct sun. Whatever. It’s between you and Foresee now.

Basically Foresee has you input the activities you like/want to do and then asks you to give specific weather parameters for each, from temperature to precipitation and even cloud cover. Foresee compiles data from WeatherUnderground and then recommends activities for your day (no notifications yet, but apparently they’re on their way). When you figure out your plan you can share it to Facebook or Twitter. The app design is appealing, but it still seems kind of time consuming to add the fine details of each activity.

On the other hand, if there’s something you do once in a while under certain conditions, like clean your gutters, it could be a worthwhile thing to check. Anything that minimizes planning so you can actually do stuff is a net gain. Foresee is $US1 for iOS only. [AppAdvice]