A Structural Dish Rack Makes You Forget You're Doing Dishes

Your drying dishes look like crap sitting there on the counter waiting to be put away. Why don't you do something about that? Too lazy? At least now you can dress them up, with Black+Blum's lime green High & Dry dish rack.

The rack's form is certainly more inspired than your regular old dish drainer, and it distracts from the fact that you really need to just clean your damn kitchen. What's wrong with a little healthy procrastination every once in a while? Plus, the lime green is a fun pop of colour. In fact, it's exactly the colour my mum always notices and remarks that she used to have kitchen appliances in that shade back in the '70s.

The rack is $US45 from Amazon. But no matter how good it looks, you still need to put your damn dishes away. [Amazon via Dwell]

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