A Modern Digital Alarm Clock With Retro Flip Stylings

Mad Men may have rekindled our love affair with the technology of yesteryear, but we're still not quite ready to give up the modern conveniences we've come to rely on. And that's why this retro-styled digital alarm clock is so wonderful.

Available in three '60s-inspired colour schemes, the scrolling motion of the alarm clock's LCD display mimics the flipping numbers of older analogue alarms. And like its predecessors, functionality is kept to a minimum on this $50 clock. There's no radio, sleep timer, or even an iPod dock. Just a large wheel for setting the time, a switch for activating the alarm, and a large button for the backlight and snoozing.

It's exactly what Don would need to wake him up from his mid-afternoon whiskey naps.

[Generate via Craziest Gadgets]

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