A Lethal Slingshot That Shoots Metal Oreos

A few months ago, Joerg (I feel like we’re on a first-name basis with him at this point, right?) had the idea to shoot Oreos out of a pump-action slingshot. It was a fun time, but it was not as deadly as he would have liked. So round two of the Oreo challenge involves oreo-sized metal washers. Not surprisingly, they cause more destruction.

The washers fly through watermelons, ballistic gelatin, a plastic carrying case for tools, and a plastic lawn chair without a problem. The washer that went through the gelatin even cut out a tube of gelatin with the diameter of the washer hole.

The most menacing part of the experiment is the washer Joerg sharpened at the edges. It’s sort of like a UFO/razor blade combo. The second most menacing part is Joerg joking that he’s going to eat the metal Oreos. “I think I’m going to eat them with a little gasoline to dunk them into.” If anyone would do it, it would be him. [The Slingshot Channel]