12 Gorgeous Wedding Venues In The US Where Gay Marriage Is Legal

12 Gorgeous Wedding Venues In The US Where Gay Marriage Is Legal

Yesterday, the US celebrated after the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act. But you know what a victory for marriage equality means? More weddings. And more places to celebrate them. Here are 12 beautiful chapels, gardens and barns.

New York

The Asbury Delaware Church, in downtown Buffalo, was built back in 1870. It sat vacant for decades, slowing crumbling, until a local record label — Righteous Babe Records — bought it and converted it into a beautiful venue for music and art.

The Botanical Gardens in Washington, DC

President Monroe founded America’s first “national garden” in 1820, on a patch of swampy land next to the Capitol. Eventually, it grew into the Botanical Gardens — one of the country’s largest.


Eliel Saarinen and his son, Eero, built this chapel in 1949 in downtown Minneapolis — today, it’s a landmark protected stop along many architectural tours.
Picture: Peter J. Sieger Architectural Photography


The Dudley Spencer House is Frank Lloyd Wright’s only building in Delaware — and it just went on the market. If it stays there long enough, it may eventually be possible to rent it for events.

Tiny Chapel in Winfield, Maine

This tiny church in Winfield is one of the oldest in New England.

Rawlings Conservatory, Baltimore, Maryland

This grand old conservatory, built in 1880, is a greenhouse of rare Victorian splendour. It takes its inspiration from the Chrystal Palace, the steel-and-glass exhibition hall that houses the 1851 Great Exhibition, in the UK.


Christ Church, in Cambridge, sits on some pretty remarkable history: not only did George and Martha Washington attend mass here, its organ was melted down for bullets during the Revolutionary War. When it re-opened, it served as a church for generations of Harvard students — for example, Teddy Roosevelt attended regularly.

Stonelea Barn, Dublin, New Hampshire

This historic barn sits on a one-acre organic farm — crops from which feed guests at weddings here.

The Foster Carling House in Los Angeles, California

John Lautner built homes all over California — but this quiet, 1947 Mulholland Drive home is one of the few that are available to rent for events.

The Barns at Wesleyan Hills, Middletown, Connecticut

This barn complex, not far from Wesleyan University, one housed cows — now, it’s home to one of the most popular wedding venues in Middletown.

Rhode Island

The Great Friends Meeting House dates back more than three centuries, to 1699, making it the state’s oldest house of worship. It’s in amazingly good shape for its age — and charming details, like the Quaker-style seating, make it a gem.

Secrest Octagon Barn in Downey, Iowa

Fascinatingly, this structurally complex barn was built in 1883 by a completely untrained builder. These days, it hosts weddings and concerts.


St Paul’s Episcopal Church, a sculptural chapel in Seattle, was built in 1962 by Steinhart/Theriault, a duo of architects who built much of the Pacific Northwest’s midcentury architecture.