11 Spectacular 3D Printer Failures

Just because you have a 3D printer doesn’t mean you’re going to make anything remarkable. It doesn’t even mean you’re going to wind up with what you set out to produce. Believe it or not, 3D printing requires some skill. And, when you don’t have it, things go delightfully askew.

While there are plenty of possibilities with a 3D printer, there’s also just about as much room for human error. You can’t let the printer get too hot. But it must be hot enough! And you don’t want it to work too quickly. But it has to work quickly enough! You’re going to mess up. But you’re not alone. Here are some of great examples of some pretty egregious 3D printing failures:

Whistles that can’t even whistle should be called something else.

Picture: Flickr

Apparently, this was supposed to be some type of animal.

Picture: Pinterest

A failed attempt at a Celtic skull, via an entire Flickr group dedicated to 3D printer failures.

Picture: Flickr

This ruined car comes from Beautiful Failures, a book that presents 3D printer screw-ups as art.

Picture: Cunicode

This botched bust is supposed to be Walt Disney. Squint hard, and maybe you can kind of see it. (You can’t).

Picture: Flickr

What’s this supposed to be? Trojan Horse. The answer we were looking for is Trojan Horse.

Picture: FailThing

Definitely don’t try to use this 3D-printed glass as a glass if you have any desire to use it for drinking.

Picture: FailThing

This would-be owl is missing his head. And most of his body.

Picture: FailThing

Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, and 3D-printed Windsor Chairs.

Picture: CNET

Here you see the makings of a starfish. Unfortunately, the machine ran out of material.

Picture: RichRap

Bonus round: This iPhone shoe abomination isn’t technically a failure, we’re going to include it as a reminder of what NOT to do with a 3D printer. Because, seriously, what the hell?

Picture: BetaBeat