10 Amazon Packaging Disasters That Defy Explanation

10 Amazon Packaging Disasters That Defy Explanation

Shopping on Amazon is so convenient, it’s gotten to the point that I use it to buy obscenely mundane things just to avoid crossing the street. “Ugh, I need a roll of electrical tape.” Click. Done. The dark side of this super-efficient e-commerce empire? Sometimes, the gear is shipped in boxes that don’t exactly make sense for the merchandise inside of them.

Depending on who you ask, these mishaps occur for a number of reasons — either because of computer errors, because the packaging centre ran out of a smaller boxes, or because bigger boxes are less likely to get lost. Either way, the ensuing packaging hijinks are hilarious — check out 10 of the best below.

Wusthof makes lovely knife products. But this knife steel isn’t even sharp — so was it really necessary to send it in this box?

Here’s another knife-related snafu.

Image via Reddit user Slippy13.

This box, containing shaving tools, could use a shave itself.

This person made the discerning decision to purchase the Beatles box set mixed in mono instead of stereo. Someone (or something) made the wrong decision about what box to ship it in.

Image via Rob DiCaterino.

I’m not even sure what this is. But really?

Image via Scott Beamer.

This could’ve easily fit into an envelope.

The packaging probably weighed more than the product, in this case.

But, you know, the more I look at these boxes containing incredibly easily-procured items that I want to order overnight…

…the more I wonder if it’s me that’s being lazy.

Though, really, does a battery this small need all of this?

Image via Reddit.