You’ll Never Break This Awesome Rubber Lamp

You’ll Never Break This Awesome Rubber Lamp

If you’re a complete klutz, you could do with Cologne designer Thomas Schnur’s Rubber Lamp. Not only does it look awesome — you’ll never break it either.

An articulated steel rod running up the stem of the lamp gives the silicone casing some structure, allowing the entirely flexible shell to actually function as a lamp. Schnur explains:

‘Rubber Lamp’ is created by the interest in rubber and the in and outside of products… The cover protects the inner components and gives the lamp an organic and warm attitude. The shape of the lamp preserves the original form because there is no reason to change the anonymous designed shape.

What’s particularly nice is how the design looks so conventional from a distance, but is so unconventional up close. Schnur created the lamps earlier this year, but sadly there’s no plan to put it into production just yet.

[Thomas Schnur via dezeen]