You Can Now Get A 3D Hologram Of Your Unborn Baby’s Smile

Traditionally, holograms are made by photographing an actual 3D object in a special lighting setup, but Pioneer’s new printer can produce a hologram using a 3D digital model instead. A special film from Bayer called Bayfol HX is exposed through a unique process which can recreate the 3D effect of a hologram from an artificial object. In 120 minutes a full-colour hologram can be produced, or just 90 minutes if you’re content with a single colour.

These days hospitals offer 4D ultrasounds that let you see your baby moving in the womb, but on a 2D display, and most of the pictures you end up with make your baby look like Clayface. With Pioneer’s service you’re left with a bonafide 3D hologram of your child that you can share with anyone, because, of course, everyone is as excited to see that precious little nugget as you are… right? [DigInfo TV]