World's Smallest RC Helicopter Can Be Destroyed By A Fly Swatter

It was impressive enough when toymakers found a way to make remote control helicopters small and safe enough to fly around indoors. But their miniaturisation efforts continue on as toymaker Silverlit introduces the Nano-Falcon, an RC chopper so tiny that Guinness has officially granted it the world record for smallest IR-controlled helicopter.

At just over two-and-a-half inches long, the Nano-Falcon has certainly earned that title. A lot of its internal components and electronics were made possible by advancements and miniaturisation of smartphone technology, and despite its tiny form factor the Nano-Falcon is still fully manoeuvrable with the IR controller that dwarfs the craft. When it becomes available next month it will sell for around $46, but your newfound ability to discreetly buzz and annoy co-workers? That's priceless.

[Silverlit via Tech-on!]

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