Win! MORE Sweet Audio Visual Gear From Encel Stereo And Gizmodo

We're back, audiophiles! Gizmodo has teamed up with Aussie retailer, Encel Stereo, to dish out more than $5,000 in fantastic home audio gear. We’re talking high-end AV brands like Polk Audio, RHA, Oppo, People of Lava and Pro-Ject. All you have to do is enter here for your chance to score some top-notch sound.

How To Enter

Simply click the product links below to head over to the Encel Stereo site -- then tell us in the Giz comments below -- which Encel Stero product you want most, and what features you'd love to have. It could be a single product mentioned here... It might be something else cool that catches your eye. Check out the site and come back to tell us which product and which of its features caught your eye. We'll decide on major and runner-up prize winners after that.
Entries close 10am AEST next Monday 6 May. Full terms and conditions.
Next Monday we'll pick the most informed and entertaining entries -- and judge who wins!

Week 2 Major Prize: $2298 Total Value

Pro-Ject JukeBox

Valued at $799 for all your music needs...

The Pro-Ject Juke Box Turntable and Amplifier system represents outstanding sound quality and exceptional value. With a built in 2x20w amplifier, and read-to-go with an Ortofon OM-5E cartridge all you need to do is add a pair of speakers and you will be riding the vinyl wave in no time. Learn more...

Cabasse Stream 3

Valued at $1499, an awesome wireless Hi-Fi system to declutter your space...

The Cabasse Stream 3 Wireless Hi-Fi System is the next step forward in achieving extremely high fidelity sound in a simplistic and easy to use package. The philosophy behind the Stream 3 is simple; great sound, high functionality and extremely easy set up and use. Learn more...

Week 2 Runner-Up Prize: $499 Total Value

Polk RTIA1 Bookshelf Speakers

Valued at $499 to help you hear all that audio goodness in crisp perfection. Learn more...

Who Won Last Week?

We gave away thousands of dollars worth of prizes last week. Here are our lucky winners!

Major Prize -- sunnysingh84

Sunnysingh84 picks up a whole mess of swag for his efforts, telling us how Encel Stereo's Polk Audio SurroundBar 5000 Instant Home Theatre and the OPPO BDP-103AU Network 3D Blu-ray Player would help him:

I would love to win the OPPO BDP-103AU so that it could replace my PS3 as a media player due the following standout features:
- Oppo has Dual HDMI so that I could connect it to my lounge room TV and my projector in the room next door (the wifey is going to kill me when I tear up holes in the walls) - Oppo has Wireless N which would allow me to watch HD content without frequent buffering - Oppo has MHL Input which would save me heaps of time by letting me connect my android. - Oppo has a Back-lit Remote Control for the dark ;) - Oppo has Android/iOS remote control apps (which gives it the geek factor that I would love to show off to guest hehe)
Help me replace my PS3 because im so over the ps3 media server and its crashes!

Runner Up -- stealthyelephant

Our friend stealthyelephant picked up the runner-up prize of Encel Stereo's RHA on-ear headphones and the People of Lava Motorised Motion Swing TV Wall Mount for his entry:

RHA SA950i On-Ear iPhone Headphones with Remote & Microphone, would be amazing for my 1.5hr commute each way with the 40mm titanium-coated drivers and powerful neodymium magnets being able to block out the junkies having arguments and try hard gangsters blaring there junk. And the lightweight headband, adjustable chrome sliders and padded contour-forming earpads wont squash my head like the other head sets wearing them for over 3hrs a day.


    Difficult question as there's so much to choose from! Ultimately though I think the product I'd most want would be the Pro-Ject Tube Box II Phono Preamplifier - I try to listen to older, analogue recordings off vinyl as much as possible & I'd love to be able to warm them up even more by going through a tube phono stage - even more 'authentic'!

    I would want the Polk RTIA1 Bookshelf Speakers the most by far. Would love to replace my current LSK M4 bookshelf speakers with these. The 5.25" Dynamic Balance midbass driver in the Polks will blow the 4" driver of the M4's out of the water, giving me that deeper bass I currently miss out on. Their compact size is also perfect for the office desk and with up to 125W per channel I'm sure to have enough distortion free volume to annoy everyone around me!

    I should also mention my current speakers are poorly glued together MDF panels with a Supercheap Auto faux Carbon Fibre wrap on them. The Polk's proprietary curved, 6-layer DAHLI enclosure with Cherry finish would be a visually pleasant change!

    Last edited 29/04/13 9:11 pm

    I want to win the Cabasse Stream 3 because I need a new system to play my music through. Plugging a laptop into my old stereo is *OK* but just feels positively 1999. And the old girl feels like she's deteriorating. When she finally gets replaced, I'd like it to be with something functional [having a cards night with the boys and taking it in turns to stream music via bluetooth is a dream] but also something that's just sexy as hell. And that definitely fits the mold.

    I'd love any of the Pro-ject turntables. The JukeBox and its amp would be particularly helpful at the moment - as I don't have another hi-fi amplifier at the moment. But, I've been checking out all of turntables that they make in the last couple of weeks, as I'm looking to get one of my own to deal with my growing collection of vinyl :)

    The runner up of the Polk RTIA1 Bookshelf Speakers ticks the box for me this week.
    What better to replace the rear surround speakers I am using as my speakers for the PC. The current speakers are over 10 years old so I am unable to find the specs on them, but the 5.25" driver will cream the existing 4" being used, not to mention that the Polk RTIA1 greater frequency response, all the better to go with the integrated AMP, DAC, and those 24/96 music files. Ear Candy Bliss all round sound.

    Pro-Ject 1 Xpression III Classic Turntable would be great to put my inherited record collection to good use. I really dig the wooden base and the simple design.

    I would love to win the pair of Polk RTIA1 Bookshelf Speakers, why? Because I need a reason to buy a new amp and my current speakers don't justify something nice and beautiful, like these do. Also my current speakers are from 1996, and are starting to show their age, sadly.

    I want the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Turntable. because its SHINY red!

    I'm having a lot of issues with my turntable so a new Pro-Ject 6perspeX Turntable would be perfect

    With Spotify making music more of a commodity for me, I'd love the Pro-Ject Juke Box because, as the site says, it's "The perfect all-in-one for getting back into vinyl". Or for me, getting into vinyl for the first time.

    I've always wanted to listen to Chrome Sparks or M83 in the foreground not just as an afterthought of daily life, so I'd want the Juke Box so I can relax with my favourite tunes, while getting into vinyl for the first time. And with the HSC just 5 months away, I need a good excuse to relax for an hour listening to tunes in the best way possible.

    Last edited 29/04/13 6:37 pm

    Defiantly the Pro-Ject turntable.
    The turntable will be perfect for playing the records I inherited from my father. I mean it’s so sleek. No disrespect to the turntables of yesteryear but they are kind of big and ugly (simmer down audiophiles, I prefaced my disrespectful comment with 'no disrespect'). I especially enjoy how everything is in one package; preamp and poweramp. I mean, space is tight enough with all those records. If I ever had the need I could run my whole audio system through it, given the line preamplifier with 4 inputs.
    To be perfectly honest the Cabasse Hi-Fi would just be gravy, wonderful sexy looking, Bluetooth enabled gravy.

    Any of the products in the Pro-Ject product range would be amazing. With my first attempt at breaking into Vinyl involving a sub $100 digital turntable, I would love to upgrade to something that really brings the true sound out of the vinyl. These products not only "breathe" the music, but they are visually stunning and would be the centrepiece of any living room. Being able to use the "Ask Alex" section of the Encel website, I would be truely able to set up a system that makes the most of the equipment and compliments the artist's recordings.

    I'm really excited to see the Pro-Ject JukeBox! I've wanted one of their turntables for a really long time but they've always been a little out of budget (although I've come dangerously close to buying one a number of times).

    I never really owned any vinyl until a few years back, I wanted to but just never got around to it. A friend bought me a heavyweight copy of one of my favourite albums as a birthday present not knowing I didn't have a record player. Rather than return it I madly started researching turntables, I barely had any audio equipment and couldn't afford anything serious so had to settle for a cheap Sony turntable. It does the job and I love my record collection but now that I have something other than my computer speakers to listen through it starts to show its flaws.

    The JukeBox seems like the perfect option for me, I want so much more from my music but I barely have a turntable let alone an amplifier. It'd be so nice to centralise my audio around a record player thanks to the 3 line level inputs, not to mention how nice it'd be to send that straight to the speakers via the gold-plated speaker terminals and with 90% energy efficiency it'd be even sweeter. That's not even making a mention of the fact that it has a remote. A remote... with a record player. It's no wonder I'm already trying to find a spare $799 in my bank account.

    My wife and I have become accustomed to only listening to music in the car or at work because we keep our music libraries on our iPods and it would be nice to have a bit of music in the home but we don't have an iPod dock of any kind. (We're behind the times, I know!)

    Because of this, the Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air Wireless iPhone/iPod/iPad Speaker System would be an amazing addition to our home. We're currently trying for a baby so anything that can help us relax would be a very welcome addition!

    I would like to win the Pro-Ject Juke Box Turntable and Amplifier with Ortofon OM5E Cartridge because:

    -Vinyl records have the authentic feeling and sound compared to digital formats.
    -I have a huge record collection at home, which obviously needs a turntable to play them.
    -I recently bought a brand new record player from Amazon which spun for 10 seconds then broke because i blew the fuse by using 240V AC where it only needed 110V ($200 down the drain) -.-
    -I'm a modern day hipster.
    -Old school rules.

    Those Polk RTIA1 bookshelf speakers would be so at home on my.... bookshelf, obviously. With them I could finally put my lovely old Denon amp to good use and would be a great upgrade to my wimpy Wharfdale speakers. It would be pure bliss to listen to some MIles Davis or Coleman Hawkins as they were intended to be heard.

    Music, and its reproduction should always be based in obsession. Cabasse has always been known for its efforts in reproducing sound without any distortion of the artists original works and i would love to bring a touch of that obsession into my home with the Cabasse Stream 3. Brilliant sound without the hassle of complex set up? Sign me up!

    I would love to own a Pro-Ject Jukebox so that I too can pretend to listen to my modest vinyl collection. It would just look so great on my shelf. I foresee that it would not only bring me boundless and previously unattainable levels of popularity, but also integrity, because if the hipster overlords have taught me anything, it's that I'm not truly listening to music if it's not at 33rpm. Or if I'm not wearing beige Chinos, will a pair of beige Chinos also be included?

      Jake can we record soon pls.

    I really just want to replace my 30 year old akai turntable thats sitting in the spare room (aka the man cave) with one of those Pro-Ject 1 Xpression III Classic Turntable with the woodgrain finish.

    I'm a sucker for retro and that turntable wouldn't look out of place sitting next to hifi rack of my folks old vintage receivers and speakers which look like they just stepped out the basement in that 70s show. All thats missing is a nice Eames lounge and the room will seem like a time machine.

    Not to mention i've heard fantastic things about that little 2M Red cartridge that it comes with, we all know its not the size of the tone arm that matters its how you use it :P

    I bought my partner a vinyl version of one of her favourite albums. I promised I'd get her something to play it one, and so far, I haven't lived up to that promise. And that makes me a bad guy. However! That Pro-Ject Juke Box Turntable really caught my eye! So hopefully I'll be able to win it and make her vinyl wish come true!

    I would want the Project Juke Box turntable and amplifier because I got my current turntable free from an op shop. I wanted to pay for it but the lady insisted that I take it for free, and now I feel like it is cursed because I have been electrocuted by it multiple times. I would really like to listen to music without being shocked! The Ortofon cartridge is lovely, and will make my records sound livelier than ever, but really I just don't want to live in fear anymore.

    Dat turntable, everyone knows DJs bring in the chicks. I'mma lacking at the moment

    The Pro-Ject Juke Box Turntable will be the perfect moving out gift. Being isolated to my Shure in-ears for my life has left me high and dry for a surrounding audio experience.

    -The simplicity of the Pro-Ject Juke Box having a built in 2x20watt amplifier and ready to go Orofon OM-5E cartridge will save space in my new tiny apartment.
    -The 90% energy efficiency will let me save on energy bills and allow me to buy more vinyls

    -The Cabasse Stream 3 Wireless Hi-Fi System is the perfect accomplice because when I finish my limited vinyl collection it's high resolution built in DAC will be able to convert my extensive digital collection at a 24bit/96kHz rate so my house warming party will never go quiet!
    -The Cabasse subwoofer's deep bass through acoustic resonance will mean my Limited Edition Amon Tobin box set can be opened and used finally!

    Please allow me to deflower my vinyl collection and let loose the audio in my new home.

    I would love any of Pro-Ject's turntables, but probably more for their lack of features than anything else. These are some of the few pieces of tech out there that are designed to do only one thing really, really well. With most of the other gadgets in my place covered in blinking lights, superfluous ports and loads of stuff I don't use, the clean design and simplicity of these is pretty refreshing. That and the great sound quality of course!

    My wife and I just made a permanent move to Australia from Seattle. I had to sell all my audio gear prior to moving to help pay for the actual trip. I did manage to bring a pretty nice turntable, but I would love the Cabasse Stream 3 system so that I can actually listen to it! Its got all the specs in a tidy wireless package. I'm sold.

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