Who's The New Girl In Star Trek Into Darkness?

Star Trek Into Darkness hits cinemas tonight, and you might have been wondering who the new girl is on the USS Enterprise crew. Here's a spoiler-free insight into her awesome role.

Her name is Dr Carol Wallis, and she's played by an actress by the name of Alice Eve.

Wallis is a science officer and advanced weapons technician aboard the Enterprise, assigned to the ship under mysterious circumstances to deal with a mysterious payload.

Eve has featured in films and TV before, including roles in Sex and the City 2, Entourage and Men In Black 3.

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    A new character? That means she is going to die.

      Does she at any stage wear red?

    The imdb link provided says she plays Dr Carol Marcus.
    (Carol Marcus being the Mother of Kirk's only [known] son David Marcus and creator of the Genesis Project.
    Similarly an entry in Memory Alpha the Star Trek wiki also says Alice Eve plays Carol Marcus. Typo Giz?

      Spoiler alert - All will be explained after you see the movie ( Wallis/ Marcus)

    She's the obligatory nerd candy.

    My daughter's name is Alice Eve Jager. If this actress ever makes it big everyone will think she was named after her. Tch.

    DId anyone else blink when the short's titles said "Dr Carol Marcus" ?


    either way. amazing body for about 2 secs

    Yeh this was a bit stuffed up by the promo work for the movie splashing her real character name around, since in the story it is meant to be a twist she is Carol Marcus but she sneaks onboard as Wallis. Oh well...

    I thought she was best know as the girl from "She's Out of My League"

    I've fallen a little behind. Is this an Even or an Odd numbered movie?

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