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    I just want to ask has anyone had any experience with Ethernet over Power? I have bought a cheap powerline adapter from PC Case Gear to replace the wi-fi dongle i have to use. Where i have my PC set up, the wifi signal isn't that good and the dongle is a bit dodgy because it cuts out sometimes (at least when i am downloading something). I wish i could move my modem closer but i only have two telephone ports in my house and i dont have the money to pay someone to install a few more.

    The thing is that the internet speed isn't the best, i managed to get about 8mbps tops so if i can get something around this mark with EoP then i will be happy.

      I have EoP (Netgear) and it is excellent. 200 mbps in all rooms. It has to run on the same circuit, so old houses can often have problems apparently. My main media server, xbox, TV and set top box are all on EoP and I happily run around seven wireless units as well (I have a decent quality Billion modem router too).

      The 4 port hub got cranky after we extended (must have messed with the circuit somehow), so I just use the single port EoP units with routersif I need more ports.

      First things first; it's a good idea to check that the power sockets you'll be using are on the same supply circuit as each other, and that your electric wiring is in good (and safe) condition. This is especially the case if your place is old and/or refurbished.
      Also, if possible, try to use dedicated power sockets that are not connected to other networking devices, power boards, double adapters, surge protectors, home appliances, etc.

      My own experience is limited to helping a friend set up a Netcomm NP206 Powerline adapter kit to link up their modem router at the front of their place to their bedrooms at the back. The NP206 included a box that plugs into the power socket and the modem router, and
      another box that is plugged into a power socket in between the bedrooms, providing wireless and wired connection via a built in Wireless B/G/N access point and RJ45 ethernet port respectively.
      I haven't measured data connection speeds, but an ADSL speed test showed that a wireless connection via the NP206 was getting the same data speeds as a device connected directly to the modem router (20Mbps). I think Netcomm claim a nominal 200Mbps data speed from the device.

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        Thanks @hypnerotomachia & @citizen7.

        I have just set up the adapters and everything is working as it should and getting the right internet speeds it should so im happy.

    This HTC One competition might actually creae some aciton in Whitenoise for today at least? Nine time out of ten this is ususally a dead place to be?

    My question is: Why is this forum (comments section) always so dead, it has its moments but still? Is it just because everyone is over having fun at the TAY on Kotaku.com.au?

    Maybe we should emulate them! with meat ups and podcasts?!

    whos with me?

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Design

      Maybe everyone was put off by your suggestion of "meat ups". Is that code?

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        I have been hanging around kotaku.com.ua for too long, it's some get to gether when they meet in person and catch up ofer a BBQ (hence the meat) #nohomo

    Here's another net question about WiFi.... "Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300" On my current plan I can get quite high speeds one minute it says 450mps and then down as low as 8mps but usually in the middle somewhere. I assume this is due to the amount of traffic at any given time but my question is, will the same thing happen when the NBN is connected. I have a cable running past my house but the actual block is going to be switched on in June. Just wondering if the NBN will be hamstrung by the same issues. :)

      If you measure your speeds whilst connected via ethernet cable, you should see (1) a significant increase in speed with the NBN, and (2) less variability in speed.

      Over wifi, I expect that you will still see that degree of variability, but with higher speeds.

        Whitenoise is becoming a bit of an echo chamber so I really didn't expect to get an answer. Thanks for taking the time, appreciated.... :)

    I have just ordered the HTC One, any advise on the best way to transfer all my contacts and apps from my incredible s that has the old SIM? Also any real world use advice from someone that has one?

      The One has a setup wizard that guides you through this when you first turn on the phone. You will be prompted to down load an app (HTC Transfer or some such) to your Incredible which will sync over Bluetooth with the One and transfer everything, contacts, calendar, messages, emails, pictures and music (you can choose any or all of these to sync).

      apps you sync when you first log into Google Play on your One.

        Awesome, thank you, really looking forward to it.

    Has there been an announcement on who won the most recent Encel Comp?

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