What Happens When Ice Gets Pushed And Shatters On The Shore

In one word: LOUD. In two words: Shattered glass. In three words: What the hell?

As spring finally decides to replace winter, some weird phenomena is happening on the lake shores of Minnesota. It’s an ice shattering shriek known as chandeliering, large piles of ice splinter into shards of glass and create a helluva noise with it.

The video, which was captured by Nadalie Thomas as she was visiting the shores of Medicine Lake in Plymouth, Minnesota, shows the ice breaking down into little pieces. The constant shrill is not unlike hearing glass spill all over the floor.

Supposedly, the ice leftover from the winter is at such a weakened state because of the warm temperature that it can easily splinter. That splintering is the cause of the noise. Nature, you never fail to impress me. [KARE 11]