What Does An Australian Mass Murderer Want In His Cell?

What Does An Australian Mass Murderer Want In His Cell?

No, it’s not the start of a joke, nor is the answer a file, a small spoon or a poster of Rita Hayworth. What Australian mass murderer Julian Knight wants in his cell right now is access to a computer and a PlayStation gaming console.

In case you don’t know who Julian Knight is, you might recognise him by his other name: the Hoddle Street killer. Knight is serving seven consecutive life sentences right now for the mass murder of seven people and the injuring of 19 others during his shooting rampage at Clifton Hill in 1987.

Instead of fighting for his freedom, Knight is currently locked in a struggle to get access to a few technological amenities in his Victorian prison cell, including access to a computer, as well as a PlayStation gaming console.

The Age reports that this is the seventh time since 2006 Knight has requested a personal computer and been knocked back for one. He claims he’s being treated unfairly, adding that other prisoners have them in their cells around the prison.

Right now he has filed a subpoena with the Victorian Government for the applications of other prisoners who have received computers in their cells.

Knight is eligible for parole in 2014, but reports have emerged that the mass murderer may never walk free again. [The Age]

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