Twitter Finally Adds Two-Factor Authentication

Twitter Finally Adds Two-Factor Authentication

Well, it’s about damn time. After an endless, occasionally entertaining string of high-profile hacks, Twitter has finally introduced two-factor authentication to verify that it is, in fact, you logging in.

Of course, you’ll have to opt in for the new, long overdue security measure to be put into place. Once you do, you’ll be required to enter a six-digit code every single time you log into Twitter — a slight nuisance, maybe, but a very necessary addition to a service as prominent to Twitter and as previously easy to crack as Twitter.

How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Editor’s Note: Telstra appears to the be the only officially supported carrier that works with Twitter in Australia. If you do get this working on your non-Telstra device, let us know in the comments.

  • Should you choose to enrol (and you should), go to your account settings page.
    Next, select the option to “Require a verification code when I sign in”, which will require a confirmed email address and phone number.
  • If your phone number isn’t already confirmed, Twitter will send your phone a text for verification, putting you well on your way to a safer Twitter Tomorrow.
  • All of your many existing Twitter apps should continue to work even after you’ve enabled two-factor authentication. But if you want to log in to your account on new apps or devices, you’ll need to go to your applications page here to generate a temporary, single-serving password for that specific login.