This Watch's Floating Second Hand Is A Mesmerising Reason To Go Analogue

There are countless reasons to wear a digital watch: they don't need winding, they keep incredibly accurate time and include a host of functions. And even good reasons not to wear a watch at all: smartphones. But watchmaker Maurice LaCroix makes a good case for still considering an analogue timepiece with its Masterpiece Seconde Mysterieuse, which includes a perplexing floating second hand looping around a smaller face.

With only 125 units being produced you can safely assume this will fall under the 'obscenely expensive' category of watches, but if you're big on finding unique conversation starters, it's money well spent. So how does that detached hand manage to find its way around the watch's face? Spoiler alert: the entire face secretly spins, along with the mechanism that turns the second hand. So while the secret might be disappointing, the overall effect is still pretty awesome.

[Maurice LaCroix via Hodinkee]

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