This Tiny Amp Gets Big Sound Out Of Your Smartphone

If you’ve dropped a small fortune on a large pair of thumping headphones to replace the wimpy earbuds that came with your smartphone, you might not be getting all the sound you paid for. The headphone jack on most mobile devices is fine for powering smaller cans, but they usually lack the oomph needed to fully power a larger pair.

Thankfully, the solution is as simple as NuForce’s new Mobile Music Pump, a tiny amp that promises bigger sound.

All you need to do is connect the MMP to your mobile device’s headphone jack, and then your fancy new ear goggles to one of its two headphone jacks that lets you share your tunes. The boosted signal should provide a louder, clearer sound for about eight hours before the MMP’s internal battery dies. But it’s rechargeable from a standard USB jack, and $60 isn’t terribly expensive if it lets you get the most from the headphones you’ve already spent hundreds of dollars on.