This Solar Pendulum Will Keep You Distracted For Hours On A Sunny Day

On those frequent days when you just don't feel like working, there's nothing like a fun desk toy to wile away the hours. If you're tired of your Newton's Cradle, and you don't want to draw attention to yourself with a office-wide Nerf war, check out the solar-powered Zendulum. Like a Newton's Cradle its hypnotic back-and-forth motion should easily hold your attention until quitting time. But it adds the fun of magnets, which is office toy pay dirt.

Assembling the DIY kit is a great way to kill a slow morning, and you might actually learn something along the way. Like your windowless cubicle doesn't have enough sunlight to charge the capacitors which keep the neodymium magnetic sphere perpetually rolling to and fro. In that case you can just plug the $40 Zendulum into a USB port and keep on ignoring those time-sensitive TPS reports.


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