This Raspberry Pi Just Came Back From Space With Some Incredible Photos

The Raspberry Pi has done some incredible things, and now the foundation behind the micro-computer can safely say that it has been to space! Meet Dave Akerman and his amazing Pi in the Sky project that captured beautiful images of the curvature of the Earth from space!

Image: Dave Akerman

Dave Akerman did a bit of tinkering to his Raspberry Pi before strapping the bespoke camera module to it and rigging it to send low- and medium-resolution images wirelessly back to Earth during the flight. Those images were also being stored on the SD card so high-resolution versions could be acquired later on.

After photographing the majesty of space, the Pi in the Sky flight looped around the UK for some time before it landed in someone's driveway and was safely recovered by a bemused passer-by.

There's an insane level of detail on Dave's blog about how he got the flight going, as well as a cute look at the Raspberry Pi-shaped craft he built to house the micro-computer. Also, there are a bunch more photos. [Dave Akerman]

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