This Quadcopter Can Fly Crazy High

How high can a quadcopter go? Presumably that comes down to how good the remote and other hardware is. YouTube user Kirikset broke his own personal record over the weekend, flying his quadcopter 750 metres off the ground to inspect a giant monument in Moscow. The video is crazy.

Kirikset flew his quadcopter over the Ostankino Tower. It has a height of 544 metres above sea level and is used to broadcast radio and TV signals. Interestingly, it's the largest free-standing structure in Europe and it's the sixth largest in the world. To put that in perspective, Kirikset would have had to fly just 100 metres more than his 750-metre personal best and he would have been above the zenith of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Mostly I just think he's happy he didn't get busted by the cops.

The footage was captured on a trusty GoPro action camera strapped to a Hobbyking X666 controlled by a DJI Naza controller.

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