This Quadcopter Can Fly Crazy High

How high can a quadcopter go? Presumably that comes down to how good the remote and other hardware is. YouTube user Kirikset broke his own personal record over the weekend, flying his quadcopter 750 metres off the ground to inspect a giant monument in Moscow. The video is crazy.

Kirikset flew his quadcopter over the Ostankino Tower. It has a height of 544 metres above sea level and is used to broadcast radio and TV signals. Interestingly, it's the largest free-standing structure in Europe and it's the sixth largest in the world. To put that in perspective, Kirikset would have had to fly just 100 metres more than his 750-metre personal best and he would have been above the zenith of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Mostly I just think he's happy he didn't get busted by the cops.

The footage was captured on a trusty GoPro action camera strapped to a Hobbyking X666 controlled by a DJI Naza controller.



    Interesting. Still remember when Ostankino was on fire, could see it smoking for days from our apartment.

    On a side note it was the tallest building in the world for nearly a decade.

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    I love that people are pushing RC gear to the limit, I can barely manage to get my Blade Scout to fly stable let alone at a decent height.

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Screen

    Must be quite difficult controlling to what amounts to a speck in the air. Mind you, being a quadcopter would make it far easier than a plane or helicopter.

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      Yeah with that flight controller it pretty much sorts itself out.

    I love watching people do this sort of thing. Breaking records simply because they can. Finding drive and passion in simply doing better at something, even if it is how fly you can fly a remote controlled quadricopter. awesome

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    Pretty awesome, looks like a really sturdy drone he has there.

    All I've ended up doing with my drone so far is terrorising my cats and dogs and putting the videos to Wagner's Flight of the Valkaries. It never gets old...

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Design

    The DJI Naza flight controller is a very good quality product. It's well refined, has a lot of features but does start at around $400.
    I have the Hobbyking X666 frame too, its pretty good for about $16.

    To be honest, this isn't overly impressive. With such a good flight controller on board, and as long as you balance the quad properly you shouldn't have any problems until you start to reach the limit of your transmitter range. This can be easily boosted but starts to get expensive very quickly.

    I would say that at that hight, wind gusts would be his biggest issue, which is why it seems to tilt to the side.
    As for controlling it, the DJI Naza does most of that. You can set it to hover mode and just increase the throttle to increase altitude. It's pretty cool flight, but the only real limit is when you get to a hight where the air density is no longer providing enough lift.
    At least if you don't have variable pitch rotors, which again get expensive, and the control for those becomes a lot harder.

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      Yeah, the most common question I get when I drag my drone (or RC heli) out to play is, "How high can it go?"
      It's odd really because if it can get off the ground at all, there's nothing restricting how high they can go.
      it's all down to, as you say, radio range, battery range or simply enough atmosphere to support flight.
      A basic, modest 2.4 ghz radio setup will be able to operate well beyond visual range, so I usually just end up telling people "it can go as high as I can still see it to stay in control. Beyond that, who knows"

      I still don't want the #HTCOne though thanks :)

    I'm so tempted to go out and get a quadcopter, really want to set one up with a seek beacon to record friends drifting.

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    And soon they will be autonomously hunting humans for sport... in really tall buildings.

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Design

    I have no sound on this computer, so apologies if it's covered in the video. I was under the impression that with the RC stuff available, 750m isn't all that far. I thought it came down to battery life? A freind of mine keeps flying further and further away, until he hits 60% battery, and turns around, just incase he has a head wind coming back.

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      I am rather amuzed to see my video taking off such violently on reddit and gizmodo)

      I am the Kirikset, the owner, author and the pilot)
      Ihad a talk with the officials from the broadcasting company that runs the tower after the flight and they were amazingly adequate and eventually posted this video on their blog. They were completely OK with the flight. Also, I was keeping my position 100% of the time above the lake in order not to threspass or injure people/break any broadcast equipment in case the copter fell out of the sky.
      I used DJI Naza - it does help with going up vertically in the wing but descend and flips were done in manual mode. I was not trying to push any more altitude because there was more and more wind the higher I went and quite a lot of interference in the video feed (by the way I flew most of the time using FPV camera and goggles (5.8 GHz link) because during the day you cannot see a quadcopter this size above 60-100metere nor hear it above 50 even when dead calm.
      Technically as I was 100% of the time above water that is city property I could only be removed from there if the city officials objected but they never do. Police never objected to any of the flights above water. That is not the case with private parks - owners have full authority to ask you to land and get out of the park.
      Going up only consumed 15-20% of the battery and took less than 100 seconds, really. My setup is built to last 15-20 minutes of very agressive flight. When I landed in 8 minutes, there was about 50% battery left.
      Going higher is a lot easier when you dont have 531 KW of TV transmitting power (from tower wiki page) 100-200 meters from the quad) in plain field with more prepareation, no wind and longer range video, but I don't find it that fun.

    man i want one of these every time i get one for christmas or anything, one the single blade helicopters, i fly it, then after a week they break
    Still fun for the time they work though.

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      yeah, quadcopters are fun, with FPV especially. But you must have enough experience to be able to recover manually from dangerous situtations. They may seem to be easier to learn to fly, but this is deceptive. I would not have attempted what I've done have I not had 2 years of intensive flight experience and more than 60 hours of zero accident flights on this particular airframe. It takes time to learn. Props are rather deadly too (like on most of RC stuff biger than 100 gramms, really), learned it the hard way by having an inch-deep cut on my arm when testing motor performance at home. Be reasonable and safe)

    I have been using RC equipment for the past 6 years and in the time the price and technology have made amazing improvements, people are now able to sit on a lawn chair with a pair of VR goggles (much like the oculus rift) and control these aircraft up to about 2km's away with perfect control, The field that we fly out of is a nature reserve so it's amazing watching peoples appreciation for it all as they wiz by in their quad rotors or small RC planes.

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Design

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