This Low-Tech Office Furniture Doubles As A Gym

This Low-Tech Office Furniture Doubles As A Gym

We lead such sedentary lives, parked all day at a desk. But what if your desk furniture could double as workout equipment?

Meet No Sweat, an awesome three-piece set designed by Darryl Agawin, you instantly offset the negative affects of eight hours’ worth of sitting on your butt.

No Sweat is an ingeniously simple concept. It allows you to do some workout routines and styles that you’re probably already familiar with. According to Agawin, the components were inspired by typical equipment you see at the gym, like an exercise step, balance board, and weight bar. He says of the design process:

First hand research was used to establish a working baseline; exploring various exercise disciplines, finding the similarity between various forms. These forms were then dissected and rearranged into a workspace configuration. Pen-and-paper sketching, quick CAD prototyping and full-scale prototypes were used to explore and ultimately refine the myriad of possibilities.

Want to work on a project? Sit in the chair. Want to work on your triceps? Turn the chair around and do some dips. The possibilities are pretty much endless with some basic equipment. We know our brains benefit from exercise. And science says that taking small breaks throughout the workday helps us focus. So an office that doubles as a gym could even help you be more productive. [Darryl Agawin via Dwell]