This Kinect-Powered Installation Makes Humans Into Monsters

In this video installation by artist Bego M. Santiago, participants are projected onto little boxes through a Kinect like inhabitants of a small city. They react in terror when a visitor the room, because that person towers over them like Godzilla or King Kong.

And that’s very literally the point. Santiago said he wanted to explore the fear all people have that civilisation will eventually be destroyed by an outside force — gods, monsters, natural disasters, whatever. He based the work on 1950s B Movies, which often starred a menacing monster as a villain. According to Santiago, a lot of our contemporary cultural phobias stem from that era of film. He makes a good point, because if a giant walked into your office today — real or some kind of projection — you’d probably run too. [Bego M. Santiago via Vimeo via OhHaveYouSeenThis]