This Is HP's Take On The Retina Display MacBook Pro

HP has just announced a big overhaul of its Envy and Pavilion ranges. Most of the updates are fairly uninspiring — apart from the company's take on Apple's Retina MacBook Pro.

The Verge has taken a peek at the new laptops, and the Envy 14 TouchSmart Ultrabook sure looks like it could be a winner. The new range features "recessed hinges, revamped touchpads and slim wedge designs" that combine to make a slew of laptops that, well, look a little bit like Macs.

In its basic form, the Envy 14 TouchSmart Ultrabook seems pretty uninspiring — $700 gets you a basic laptop with a low-res 14-inch, 1366 x 768 screen. But while firm prices and specs for higher-end models are as yet unannounced, HP has let slip that the laptop will be available with a 3200x1800 resolution screen some time later this year.

The computer will probably lack the polish of Apple's offering, but you can also expect it to be a damn sight cheaper. Of course, it remains to be seen if performance will stand up — but we'll have to wait to find out. [The Verge]

Picture: The Verge

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