This Great Chris Hadfield At Home Parody Reminds Us Why We Love Space

What makes Chris Hadfield's space videos so great is how mundane they are. He does the same kind of things you do right in your kitchen, as you can see in this fantastic "Hadfield at Home" parody.

Seeing "Chris Hadfield" wring out a towel on Earth just reminds you how unreal it is to see him wring out a towel in zero gravity.

There's also clipping nails, where Hadfield gets used to holding the mike here on boring old Earth with boring old gravity.

If you want to follow Hadfield at Home, he's got a Twitter. It's pretty great, if only to remind us how the real Canadian helped us care about astronauts again.


    Not sure if he's taking the piss or just being a dick. When Hadfeild did this stuff in space it had a purpose! Either way, as gusbricker indicates, as a parody it's actually not funny.

    Last edited 18/05/13 8:53 am

    Yeah, Hadfield is a legend, this guy is trying to ride on the back of his good nature and ability to make wriging out a cloth awesome.

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