This Brilliant Pizza Compass App Is Exactly What It Sounds Like

This Brilliant Pizza Compass App Is Exactly What It Sounds Like

It’s 2am. You’re leading your goofball friends through the streets, trying to find an open pizza place. Yelp is inconclusive. Google Maps is worse. Soon, thanks to the new slice-finding app Pizza Compass, such uncomfortable scenarios may be obsolete.

Pizza Compass (“No Frills, Just Pizza”) gives you access to an excellent map of nearby pizza shops. Select one, and the app’s pizza-based UI will show you whether it’s open and how far away it is (the pizza steams if it’s close). You spin the slice to discover which direction leads to which restaurant — “Pizza Compass” is, literally, a compass for pizza.

We have Brooklyn agency Oak Studios and the artist Daniel Blackman to thank for Pizza Compass, which they describe as “the exciting new life-affirming app that helps pizza get to your mouth.” According to Blackman, he was out late with friends with the idea emerged. “I designed it on a Tuesday morning and by Wednesday afternoon the fellas over at Oak Studios joined in and started developing it,” he says over email. “Our goal was simple. To get create an app that would change human kind for the better, while eating pizza.”

The dude in the promo video? That’s Gary Ray, a random actor Blackman found on Craigslist. But odds are he likes pizza too.

[Pizza Compass via SwissMiss]