This BASE Jump Off Mount Everest Is Absolutely Insane

Earlier this month, 48-year-old Russian BASE jumper Valery Rozov took a leap off Mount Everest from an elevation of 23,687 feet. It’s the highest ever BASE jump to date, some 60 years after Everest was first summited.

On May 5 at 2.30pm local time in -18C weather, Rozov leapt into the extremely thin air reaching speeds of 200km/h before hitting the Rongbuk glacier at an elevation of 19,521 feet. He can barely manage an audible “woo” at the end.

Prior to this historic jump, Rozov’s previous high was from an elevation of 21,063 feet. He’s logged over 10,000 BASE jumps. By comparison, Felix Baumgartner, the guy who jumped from space, is 44. What am I doing with my life!?