This Aussie-Made Smart Rope Light Is Nifty As All Getout

A little while back, a few Aussies got together to create a cool product called Light. They threw it up on Kickstarter but failed to achieve their high funding targets, and struggled further when trying to achieve private funding, too. So what do you do with an awesome product that nobody wants to back? You reinvent it, of course. Meet the Holiday.

The Holiday by MooresCloud is essentially the exposed guts of its Light product. Cut away the pleasant square box from around the Light and you find a rope of intelligent LEDs that respond intelligently to various inputs. For some perspective, here's what the Light looks like:

The Holiday introduces itself as "the world's smartest Christmas lights", but providing you can change the colour of the rope lights however you like, there's no reason you can't leave these up on your balcony or even inside all-year round.

You can get a special pre-order price on the Holiday right now of $129, but it normally retails at $199. [Holiday]



    This is all well and good but can I find a video of the Holiday lights actually working and a detail of exactly what and how they work? No.

      Yep. Vaporware

        The Holiday is the Light without the box so any videos on the site regarding the Light can also be applied to the Holiday . The Holiday is going into production and there are some units on display at CeBIT so expect some more videos soon.

    I don't get it. Controllable rope lights have been around for years. My house was covered in them and fairy lights last year. All of them synchronised to music. What's so special about these?

      LAMP stack, wifi, individually addressable lights, REST API, 16M color LEDs, a suite of apps you can use for pre-programmed patterns and colors, open source. That's fairly special.

        Would have been nice for the article to mention some of that.

        Actually, no it isn't special at all. I pretty much did all of that (and more) last year. The only thing special about this stuff is the high price tag. I'm guessing these guys didn't bother looking into the Christmas light world too much before announcing their product. That world has a huge head start on them.

    Wow. A pretty website with virtually no details. As a string of lights, you would expect to be told how long the string is, how many LEDs in that string, and if you can connect extra strings to the same controller.

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